More Improvements To Old Town Hall

Feb 24, 2022

     The Tallmadge Historical Society, along with the help of the City of Tallmadge, are continuing to make repairs and upgrades to the Old Town Hall.  In the past five years the Society has expend tens of thousands of dollars in replacing window, cedar siding, doors and lighting to the outside of the bulding.  We hope, with the help of the City again to be able to finish the replacement of the rotting cedar siding on the east side of the building as well as replace the cedar siding on the west side.  As we replace the siding we are also installing installation in those walls.  By late summer we hope to have a fresh coat of paint on it to show off for the Circle Festival.

     In  recent years, the Society has repainted the interior of the Museum, replaced its carpetingand and updated all lighting in the building to LED.  As caretakers of this historic landmark, we feel it is priviledge to work and maintain a structure that shows off our community and people want to come and visit.